Bye week

Taking the weekend off from beer events this weekend but back at it for the Cider and Nano Beer Fest Oct. 7 at Schlitz Park in Milwaukee. 

Also, follow my beer coverage at for a peek at Lift Bridge Brewing. The Stillwater, Minn.,  brewery is spreading into Wisconsin.

I'm going to take a tour.

Meanwhile, here's what you missed last weekend. Beautiful day. Gorgeous lake view. And damn fine beer. 


Keg Killer

While we wait a crazy long time for my book to be published, enjoy this photo of the Keg Killer shirt I won at the Wisconsin State Fair last night. I ordered the last of the  Lake Louie Warped Speed.

Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, IPA Fest and the book

"Beer Lover's Wisconsin" is available for pre-sale on eBay. 

Order it here.  Thank you.


Tonight I'm talking to Barley's Angels alongside Matt Janzen. His book "State of Craft Beer" is beautiful. Details here on Facebook.

The Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference comes to Milwaukee this weekend. I'm moderating a panel on Friday.

1:30 – 2:20 PM The Beer Industry in Milwaukee and Wisconsin (Best Place Great Hall): Hear how the beer industry in Milwaukee and Wisconsin has evolved and changed, from its early days as the “capital of beer” to the thriving beer hub it is now. Our panelists include moderator Kathy Flanigan from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Anne Sprecher of Sprecher Brewing Company, Executive Director Mark Garthwaite of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild, and Russ Klisch of Lakefront Brewing.

On Saturday, I'm one of a bunch of judges for IPA Fest. This link will take you to the Facebook event page

Plus, I'm always available at


Deschutes brought its Street Pub Party to Milwaukee

And all I got was a T-shirt. OK, that's not all I got. I got to make people happy by pouring glasses of Deschutes reserve beers: The Dissident. The Abyss. Black Butte XXIX.

The line for The Abyss was pretty long. But well behaved.

The Oregon brewery brought 400-foot pub to Pere Marquette Park across the street from the Journal Sentinel building. Bands set up in the parking lot. The bar set up in the middle of Old World Third Street. I'd tell you more about the layout but I was working in the middle of it all.

At 3:30 we poured The Dissident. At 5:30 we poured The Abyss (kicked that keg in 30 minutes which I guess is a record but this is Milwaukee). At 7:30 we poured Black Butte. It's a curious perspective from which to watch people.

Some were kinder than kind, happily slipping in tips which, like the profits, went to the Hunger Task Force or the Westown Association. There were a couple guys who grumbled. One who left clutching his $5 token because I wouldn't give him two for one. Dude, it's for charity.

I met great people behind the bar. I met some fun people on the receiving side of the bar. And when it was over, I walked around in my giant Street Pub volunteer T-shirt (why did I get a large?) and sipped a glass of Black Butte XXIX in all its cocoa and cayenne goodness. Because I was off duty. And I could.