It all started when...

I am a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I wrote one story about women and beer. It shouldn't have been a big deal. It shouldn't have been a story. Women were the first brewers of beer.

There are women who own breweries in the state -- name check New Glarus Brewing. And women brewing beer in the state -- a growing list I hope to document here.

I wrote about a farm that opens on weekends for visitors who want to bring a picnic and drink delicious beer made on premise. I wrote about a couple in Wisconsin's Northwoods who made big bold beers from a log cabin using a drill to run the broken starter on the mill.

I liked their stories. I loved their beers. 

Last summer I traveled the state where I found even more stories about brewers and beer. I tell those stories in the book "Beer Lover's Wisconsin." I'll continue to chronicle them for the Beer Near page at www.tapmilwaukee.com. And I'll tell them here in the wisconsinbeerbook.com blog.

Let's  talk beer. I'm going to open one right now. You might want to do the same.